Patch 0.11

    • Gestern kam Patch 0.11 raus und er bringt unteranderem einen neuen Champion mit sich:

      Raigon - Der verbannte Prinz

      Außerdem gibt es ein neues Mount, das Grand Champion Mount, welches alle Spieler bekommen haben, die den Grand Champion rank bekommen haben. Dieser wird ab Season 2 für die jeweiligen Spieler freigegeben.

      Season 2 ist für mitte April geplant und wird auch weitere Änderungen mit sich bringen:

      New League Added - Contender League
      Aimed for new players
      Located below Bronze League
      Consists of 4 divisions
      Removed placement games
      New players will enter Contender League
      Players with previous ranking records will be placed instantly
      Distribution of Divisions
      All Leagues now consist of 8 divisions, except the new Contender League which has 4 divisions.
      You can now be demoted to a lower League
      The rating changes are now more dynamic depending on the rating difference between the players
      You will gain more rating when winning against higher rated players and lose less rating when losing against a team with higher rated players
      Due to this change the "win against higher team bonus" has been removed
      Due to this change the "higher league rating prevention" has been removed
      If you're playing with a player in Contender league you can not lose any rating

      Neben ein paar balancing Änderungen wurden auch Dinge am GUI geändert:

      Friends status is now more specific (In-game - Ranked, In-game - Casual, etc.)
      Added the ability to filter champions via region
      Newly acquired items, including avatars, now have a 'new' state which can be cleared via hover
      Added the ability to send group invites to Steam friends
      Added a confirmation popup when publishing a replay which asks if the player wants to leave replay edit or continue editing
      Can now open player's main profile through Odeum
      Added two new feeds, total feeds are as follows:
      Your feed - Posts/reposts from people you follow
      Trending - The most trending plays right now
      New - The most recent plays posted
      Added match info to replays (who played, what champion they played and team score)
      Added a profile summary when hovering on players icons
      Added feature to copy (and thus share) links to Odeum plays and player profiles
      Added new default avatar
      Added region to the private match lobby[*/]
      Titles are now localized
      Fixed a bug causing local ready indicator not to work correctly in private matches
      Added player tooltip to the party bar in the top left
      Match scores when pressing TAB now update faster