• Patch

      Es gab wieder einen neuen Patch und es wurden wieder viele Balacing Änderungen vorgenommen. Außerdem sind 2 neue Mounts hinzugefügt worden.

      Alle Änderungen:


      Fixed a bug causing the impact location of Healing Potion (Lucie), Healing Wave (Pearl) and Rejuvenating Sands (Oldur) to be slightly incorrect
      “Air time” added to the tooltips of several mobility abilities.
      Pestilus – Brain Bug damage limit tooltip changed from Panic Damage Limit to Brain Bug Damage Limit
      Using a Counter-type ability at the end of Iva’s Zap buff no longer renders the player model invisible


      Jade’s defensive EX has been missing something to compliment her playstyle properly. This change should make it fit in a bit better in her kit while also making her feel a little more slippery again.

      Smoke Veil (EX Q)

      Now grants Jade a 100% haste that fades over 0.6s.


      Fixed a bug that made it possible for Jumong to recast several abilities simultaneously.
      Fixed a bug that caused the Deadly Trap Battlerite to be triggered twice in combination with the Death Mark Battlerite.


      Rippling Waters (Battlerite Round 1)

      Fixed a bug where hitting a wall through a bubble with the Soaking Wet Battlerite and the Splash Damage Battlerite would not apply the correct silence duration to nearby enemies.
      Fixed a bug where hitting a wall through a bubble with the Splash Damage Battlerite would not apply any damage to nearby enemies.


      Raigon has had some trouble dealing damage and could sometimes feel a bit immobile. A damage boost to Heavenly Strike and his sword attack being faster during Retribution should alleviate this a bit. Some tweaks to his Battlerites will make some of his lesser picked choices feel more tempting.

      Retribution (M2)

      Charges will no longer be consumed if Raigon is interrupted before he swings his sword
      The sword swing at the end is now faster (enabling Raigon to resume moving again quicker)

      Heavenly Strike (Space)

      Damage increased from 18 to 20

      Parry (Q)

      Duration added to tooltip
      Fixed a bug that caused parried projectiles to be offset from your aiming position

      Wrath of the Tiger (F)

      Fixed a bug where some abilities could cause Raigon’s ultimate location to move

      Aerial Strike (Battlerite Round 1)

      Raigon will no longer get an Aerial Strike Recast from Parrying another Raigon’s Seismic Shock

      Royal Descent (Battlerite Round 2)

      Damage bonus reduced from 7 to 6

      Duelist (Battlerite Round 2)

      Now grants 2 health back for each deflected attack

      Hawk Dive (Battlerite Round 4)

      Fading Snare duration increased from 1.2s to 1.6s

      Resolve (Battlerite Round 4)

      Bonus energy gained from the reduced from 7% to 6%


      When Rook smashes, he smashes hard! Frenzy is one of his most powerful and popular Battlerites, and also affects many of the other popular choices. Tuning it back a bit will allow for other choices to shine throughout his Battlerite tree. In addition reducing the additional damage from Crumble should temper his violent outbursts a bit.

      Frenzy (Battlerite Round 2)

      Berserk duration reduced from 1.2s to 1s

      Crumble (Battlerite Round 3)

      Bonus damage reduced from 4 to 2


      Shifu has been hard to catch. Decreasing his immaterial duration after Kunju will allow for more windows to strike at him. He will also need to be more mindful of when to and when to not strike after Kunju.

      Kunju (Q)

      Immaterial duration reduced from 1s to 0.8s
      The empowered Spear Slash after a successful counter will now be removed after a miss or when hitting a counter.


      Sirius’ Prismatic Strike has occasionally felt a bit… off. These changes should make it feel more reliable and fair.

      Prismatic Strike (R)

      Can now be interrupted, yielding no melee strike.
      Reworked to more reliably detect impact with enemies, causing Sirius to stop and hit more consistently
      Animations now work as intended.


      Fixed a bug where reflected boomerangs would sometimes deal double the damage.
      Returning boomerangs can no longer sometimes clip through shields

      Gale (Battlerite Round 1)

      Now works with Zephyr (EX Q)

      General Changes & Fixes

      General Mount optimizations


      Champion Selection Frame for level 10 and 20 no longer rescales when hovered over
      Region list is now sorted by latency
      Region list layout has been changed to support more entries


      Added profile summary hover on author’s avatar in the play description
      Using a link to outdated replays no longer opens an empty replay window
      Added a ‘No player was found’ text when unable to find a matching player name during a search
      Added option to view Odeum profile from friend list
      HUD is now smaller when not in fullscreen
      Modified trending algorithm which should make popular replays stay in the trending feed for a longer period of time
      Long names are now shortened with ‘…’ everywhere in the Odeum
      Timestamps are now localized (showing local time)
      Replay edit now has round events for 5+ rounds
      Fixed an issue in ‘Select replay to edit’ window when having a replay with an observer
      Odeum hotkeys are now disabled when chat input field is active
      Input to Odeum thumbnails now aren’t registered when behind other UI elements
      Fixed issue where matchmaking didn’t start if an Odeum replay was shown in fullscreen